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Personal Therapy Dog Training

Providing at home emotional support, companionship and relief from symptoms related to mental and physical disabilities/illnesses.

Assistance, Companionship & Emotional Support
Therapy Dog Training At Home Use

Therapy Dog Training for private at home use

Mental health at home

Service Animals Australia trains Personal Therapy Dogs for individuals who require companionship and emotional support within their own private home environment.

Specially training your dog

Dogs are trained along with their handler to form a close dog/handler team. The training program provides a proactive approach in supporting handlers with learning how to use their dog to help them implement strategies and techniques to support their mental health.

High level behaviour training

Personal Therapy Dogs undergo a high level of behaviour training and may learn some specific tasks to assist their handler. Although a Personal Therapy Dog provides support and assistance to their handler, these dogs do not have public access rights. Public access rights are only provided to accredited Assistance Dogs.

Individualised training programs to suit the specific needs of dog/handler teams.

Providing a supportive environment to enable individuals to experience the therapeutic benefits of the process of training their dog.

An effectively trained Personal Therapy Dog provides a reliable support option within your own home.

Personal Therapy Dog Training
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